A Miracle of Birds

Released: 02/2013
Catalog ID: EW0310

01. Waiting on the Dove
02. House of Princes
03. The Market
04. Two Brothers
05. It Won't Be Long
06. 99 Names
07. Valley of Fire
08. Everybody Goes Someday
09. Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
10. A Light of All Nations
11. Over the Wall and Gone
12. Oseh Shalom

"The opening line from the opening song, “Waiting on the Dove,” on singer-songwriter Joshua Davis’ most recent album perfectly encapsulates his musical odyssey, and it’s one to which everyone can relate in navigating the thicket of life.” localspins.com

"His heartfelt documentation of 'people as people' offers up compassionate songs of hope, darkness and perseverance."

- Revue Magazine

"In 2012, Joshua Davis joined On the Ground for the Run Across Palestine and what was to be a truly life-changing journey. The focus of the 5 day, 129 mile ultra marathon was to raise funds and awareness in support of fair-trade olive farming communities in the Palestinian West Bank. Says Josh, 'The stories and songs on ‘A Miracle of Birds’, released one year after the run, are honest expressions of my experiences in the West Bank, colored by my own unique history and upbringing.’" Traverse Gourmet Magazine

Magnolia Belles

Released: 10/2011
Catalog ID: EW0308

1. Emily's Song
2. Magnolia
3. Final Refrain
4. The Workingman's Hymn
5. Take a Turn on Me
6. Goodbye Betsy Brown
7. Moonshine Annie
8. Ghost Ships
9. Rusty Wing
10. Sad Songs
11. Hang Tight
12. The Other Side


"Aside from discussing his personal life, Davis also addresses concerns of many Michiganians, including the environment and the economy. 'The Workingman’s Hymn' talks of the erosion of the middle class and the divide between the rich and the poor.The song contains a positive message with Davis repeating, 'I know we can turn it around.’ 'I definitely wanted it to be uplifting,' Davis said. 'I listened to a lot of gospel music. People have pulled together through that kind of music through the worst times. That was my inspiration for the song.’”

- Mlive.com

Fool Rooster

Released: 03/2005
Catalog ID: EW0307

1. Delta 88
2. Crowing at the Moon
3. Triple A
4. Morris and Ella
5. Chief Joseph
6. Bessie May
7. All But Six
8. Holy Land
9. Try Me One More Time
10. The Midnight Ghost

"Dusty ballads and rural rockers. The lyrics paint sobering pictures of shutdown factories on rundown streets, but the music never sags, capturing the spirit of hope and better times to come.” 

- Performing Songwriter Magazine - Nashville, TN.